About our minecraft servers

How to join one of our Minecraft servers:

  1. Open your Minecraft client and log in
  2. Click the "Multiplayer" button
  3. Click the "Add server" button
  4. In the "Server Name" box, type in something like "Vidyacraft" to help you remember what server it is
  5. In the "Server Address" box, type in "mc.vidyacraft.com"
  6. Click the "Done" button when you're finished putting in all the information
  7. Select the server you just saved and click the "Join Server" button
Congratulations! You're now one of the many people enjoying our Minecraft server!

Vidyacraft PvE Minecraft server - vidyacraft.com

Join address: mc.vidyacraft.com

Vidyacraft PvE offers one of the best online Minecraft experiences available. Playing on our server is fun and easy, as anyone can build and protect their own home without having to worry about griefers! And for those of you looking for more of a challenge, you can easily expand your home into a full-size town where you and your friends can play together.

But be careful while you're out exploring at night! As the sun sets, players may soon find that even their own neighbors aren't nearly as friendly as they look during the day. Of course it's never fun to lose hard-earned valuables to bandits at night, so we also have fast-paced, fun, and controlled arena combat available that you can participate in at any time!

And just to top everything off, players on Vidyacraft will find that there are new and exciting ways to go about combat, traveling, and even mining! Anyone can master these new abilities and will find that they greatly help both new players and veterans alike, as you'll only level up and get better with practice!

Vidyacraft PvP Minecraft server - pvp.vidyacraft.com

Join address: pvp.vidyacraft.com

Tired of stabbing someone in the chest only to see them log off as quickly as possible to avoid dying? Well we here at Vidyacraft have taken care of that and also offer an exciting, fun, and well-balanced Factions PvP for the real warriors to play on! Check out our PvP Minecraft server today and build your own faction with friends so that you can siege enemy bases and take their valuables and their lives! Nothing is safe on our PvP server; especially your enemies!